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Thomas Grey, Las Vegas, NV | PsorXma

"I first acquired psoriasis on my right arm in 1982. Since that time it has progressively grown worse and is presently diagnosed  as a severe case covering over 1/2 of my body area. I have seen dozens of specialists and tried numerous medications, products and treatments. I have used various corticosteroids, including: Triamcinolone, Temovate, Fluocinonide and Dovonex with limited success. A few weeks ago I was introduced to Alphacura PsorXma and am very impressed with the quick results gained by using this product twice daily in this short time. I have experienced a noticeable decrease of inflammation and peeling. Itching has subsided and areas of scale several years old have softened and reduced in size. Now I look forward to sleeping all night and applaud you for your fine and results getting product."

Joseph Stern, Aptos, CA | PsorXma

"About 5 years ago I was introduced to Scott Duncan at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, CA and was first told about Alphacura PsorXma. I was suffering for over a year with Eczema. I had been to my dermatologist may times over a two year period and she prescribed various lotions that did not work. As a last resort she prescribed antibiotics which I took over an extended time. NOTHING WORKED. I tried Alphacura PsorXma that Scott gave me and after one week my eczema went away completely. I used small amounts of it after it cleared up for a couple of weeks just to make sure it was gone and it cured me. Many months later I had a small minor outbreak and I used the Alphacura PsorXma lotion and within two days it cleared up. I have now gone three years without any recurrence of eczema. This product is amazing. I gave it to my father who had sever eczema on his hands and after one month his hands were healed and it never recurred again for him. It's truly a miracle product. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with a skin disorder."

Cassia Dunlap, Hawaii | DermaXma

“I purchased your acne medication Alphacura DermaXma a few weeks back and have noticed many changes in my skin. I have had problems with my skin for about two years now with adult acne pimples. I am 24 years old and have never had any problems like this before. I have been on medication by doctors orders. I have used creams, cleansers, and tried many products sold on commercials. Many of these products are good products but they just did nothing for my skin. Every product I have tried made my skin even more upset. I grew tired of always looking to find a better cover up makeup to hide my skin. When I came across your site, I doubted it and thought about it for a few days. I made the decision and am very happy with what I am seeing. I am going to order more Alphacura DermaXma, but before that, I just wanted to express my thoughts about this product. Who knew such a small bottle could do so much? My skin doesn’t feel hot anymore. It feels calm once again and my acne pimples are gone! I will keep in contact and let you know."

Maxine Del Fante, Danville, CA | DermaXMa

“I have suffered from severe acne since I was a teenager. I constantly had boils and eruptions on my face. Last winter, I had two boils on my nose. Talk about STRESS. I tried  ‘Boil-Ease’ on them, to no avail. I suffered for over two weeks. Then I went to see a doctor. He said he could lance the boils but it would leave a long narrow scar.  I tried the Alphacura DermaXma remedy and the boils on my nose cleared up in days. There is something in that formula that really works!”

Paul Ferguson, San Mateo, CA | DermaXma

"I couldn't believe it! The itching stopped and within two days of using it the rash went away. Miraculous!"  


CDF Battalion Chief Ron Hart | Bodyguard

"I have never seen anything work as effectively on poison oak as Alphacura Bodyguard."

"We received a supply of Alphacura Bodyguard for testing. it was distributed to a number of fire stations and to a fire camp. We found the Alphacura Bodyguard stopped the itching from poison oak, stopped the rash from spreading and when applied at the first signs of discomfort, literally nipped the problem in the bud. It was far superior to the calamine and Technu products that we had been using."

Mike Arroyo, Del Rosa Hot Shot Crew - U.S.F.S. San Bernandino, CA | Bodyguard

"I am a buyer for the U.S. Forest Service. On June 12th, 2001 we had a control burn jump the lines in Southern California that resulted in a 1200 acre brush fire. Members of the Del Rosa Hot Shot crew were involved in the containment and mopping up the fire. I was requested by them to purchase three cases of Alphacura Bodyguard for the crew. The superintendent, Jeff Korning said it's the only product his men will use now for the treatment of poison oak and they are extremely happy with how it works." 

Lance Johnson, Laguna Hot Shot Crew - U.S.F.S. Descanso, CA | Bodyguard

"I have worked with the Laguna Hot crew for three seasons. Poison oak is one of our main problems. We are constantly exposed to it. In the spring of 2001, our crew was introduced to Bodyguard for the field. We have used the product extensively and we have found that it works better than anything on the GSA catalog or any product we have used through the government. Our Captain recently ordered a case of Alphacura Bodyguard for our team. Now we are ready for the fire season." 

Ben Richards, Moorpark, CA | FungiRelief

“You have heard about the seven-year itch, well I had the forty-three-year itch! Back in 1957, the company I worked for sent me to Guam. While there I contracted a virulent form of Athletes Foot. Boy did I suffer! 

Through the years I tried every name brand product on the market, plus of a couple of home remedies. Each time the problem came back and always a little worse. Then I came across Alphacura Fungi Relief, nothing has given me greater relief! I’ve got nice, comfortable, and healthy feet now. But I still wear white socks. Habit I guess”.

Ron King, Santa Cruz, CA | FungiRelief

“When I heard about Alphacura Fungi Relief, I was skeptical. How is an herbal based product going to compete with antifungal products produced by big companies? But I had the worlds worst case of Jock Itch and nothing was working. Then a friend told me about Alphacura Fungi Relief. Well, nothing ventured. The next time I experienced a large breakout, I bought a bottle of Fungi Relief. I felt an instant relief. There was no more itching or burning. For the first time, I felt true comfort. I can go nearly three weeks without any further discomfort. When the irritation does flare up, a single application puts it out of sight for another good number of weeks”. 

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