A Breakthrough Discovery

Alphacura founder - Scott Duncan

A decade of global R & D brings Phyto-botanicals to the Western world.

While doing research for a biotech firm at the Stanford University Biology Library founder and CEO Scott Duncan found obscure references to a healing plant in an ancient Chinese document. Further investigation from additional sources revealed a dissertation on a extract from a rare subspecies of the bitter melon family of plants.

Used for over 600 years to treat dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis the remedy was grown and traded throughout Asia. During the invasion of China by Japan, the identity of this natural remedy was lost to the world.

Once re-identified, the chemist spent over three years attempting to grow the subspecies plant from old and infertile seeds.

Bitter Melon Subspecies growing in California

In the spring of 1992, out of 500 seeds planted, seven plants finally sprouted.

The seven plants eventually yielded more seeds, which after planting, grew hundreds, then thousands of the rare plants.

With a vast supply of the plants, the researcher experimented with different extraction methods and isolated a specific fraction of complex phyto-botanicals.

U.S. Forest Service and firefighters success with poison oak

The extract was tested by the California Department of Forestry with outstanding results on firefighters suffering from exposure to poison oak.

Today this remarkable botanical is grown organically and blended with organic aloe vera to create an infusion of natural plant extracts.

Alphacura Bodyguard is now used by the U.S. Forest Service and firefighters in the western United States.

Rare Bitter Melon Subspecies

It took the determination of a passionate biotech researcher to rediscover and manufacture an ancient remedy with remarkable anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant capabilities. 

Discover the remarkable healing power of Alphacura

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